28 Nov 2020

“The right gift can reinforce a brand’s values and show a customer what they stand for. And that is why we go to the effort to source responsibly and making sure that we are keeping everything clean. “I think that is definitely the zeitgeist of the moment, those three things. From loyalty being harder to achieve, and things being more overtly digital, there’s definitely a moment right now where things are shifting, that is very interesting for our business.” Sourcing good quality gifts both locally and abroad is the heart of the company, whether it be socks knitted in Donegal, blankets produced in Kilkenny or even bee-wax candles made in Cork. It allows the client to feel thought and time went into a bespoke piece. There is also a sustainability to the project too. “We are working with a really great manufacturer in Delhi and Mumbai for T-shirts and other cotton items we get done. They work only with recycled cotton, and they are working with these amazing local manufacturers in the city, so I feel like we have a really great network of suppliers.” “Giftzdaddy” is currently a team of 10 across its office in Delhi. The intention is to have the team up to 20 by the end of next year, and perhaps doubling again the year after. “We believe we can become the market leader in the relationship domain. We have been rethinking and looking to reinvent what corporate gifting is, but also how this speaks to loyalty and what is the next loyalty programme and how do you build that. “We are pretty ambitious and driven. Ambitious with our egos and driven because we want to make this really special – we want to keep it interesting for the team as well and keep it growing.

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