Who we are

Ultimately we are re-imaging corporate gifting and loyalty, and restructuring it for the world we live in today, Care for us is pretty much a fundamental. It was our starting point and a thread that runs through everything we do. I guess at the start of this company we were exploring the idea that relationships aren’t built on thoughtless freebies, and people need to know they matter. And so we’ve been rethinking corporate gifting with a view to turning brand values into real relationships. The team at “Giftzdaddy” wanted to build the technology that puts the customer first and the clients in control. “We’ve been building the business around a pragmatic poetic approach. The pragmatic piece is the technology. Our clients want to get gifts in the hands of their customers, and they need the technology to do that quite easily, and they need a level of logistics in order to do that fairly seamlessly. Not wanting to be just another gifting company taking orders from a catalogue.

Human experience

“The poetry of the piece was just prioritizing the human experience throughout that whole thing, which means every touch point, every engagement with their costumers is resonating with their brand values and their community.” Corporate gifting is estimated to be worth $175 billion, and a Harvard Business Review talks about consumers who are emotional connected to the brand are anywhere from 25-100 per cent more valuable to that brand from a perspective of profitability. “A hand-written note, a gift landing on the doorstep, that really builds connections, and equally, from our perspective, the gift should be more about values rather than value.

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